Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Grand Prix Birmingham

A Brothers Of Fire delegation will be attending GP Birmingham to participate in the Old School event which is being organised there on SUNDAY 13th from midday.  More details on the UK Old School Magic Facebook group.

Current indications are that this event will follow Channel Fireball's Old School rules, which means mana burn will be in effect - and Fallen Empires will be legal.  

Personally I'm a fan of mana burn being part of the rules in Old School.  Firstly, whatever its faults, it is a part of the original game's heritage and flavour.  Secondly, getting rid of the rule means that some cards like Su-Chi and Mana Drain (and even Black Lotus) don't have a balancing drawback which was clearly intended when they were released.  

I'm assuming the Vancouver mulligan (scry mulligan) will not be in effect.  On this I'm with the innovators rather than the traditionalists, as it balances out bad luck on the draw.  

This feeling - of half-welcoming the modern age, and half wanting to escape it - seems to be at the heart of Old School, and the philosophy and appeal behind it.  I prefer to look at the format as Magic's most 'perfected' form - a quest to isolate the form of one of the greatest games ever, rather than purely enjoy it as a throwback attraction trading exclusively on the past.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, it should be a great day.

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