Sunday, 31 March 2019

Format announcement: Brothers' Highlander Spring 2019 B&R&C update

Brothers' Highlander, our team 100-card singleton format, goes from strength to strength and is growing fast.  A few recent highlights from gatherings:

Chris C's back-to-basics carry case

The Hive's Andrew T gets in on the action with his awesome Hell-themed deck (opposite my Primal Clay beatdown machine)

A personal highlight - it took me some years to achieve, but yes, I activated a Legends "bandy land" to put two Legends into a band - making the crucial contribution to beating down a Wall of Ice!

With spring upon us, we have refreshed the rules - see below!

Brothers' Highlander rules version 1.2 - March 2019

Deck sizes: 100 cards exactly.

Legal sets: ABU, AN, AQ, LE, TD, FE, 93/94 promo cards. (Note: Fallen Empires is legal).

RESTRICTED: All cards apart from basic lands.

BANNED: Library of Alexandria, Mind Twist, Karakas

Players have 10 points to spend per deck on CONTROLLED cards:

The Controlled List

Ancestral Recall - 7
Balance - 1
Braingeyser - 5 
Black Lotus - 7
Demonic Tutor - 5
Icy Manipulator - 2 (+1)
Jayemdae Tome - 3
Maze of Ith - 2
Mirror Universe - 8
Mox (any) - 3
Recall - 4
Sol Ring - 5 (+2)
Su-Chi – 1 (new entry)
Time Vault - 4 (-1)
Time Walk - 7
Transmute Artifact - 1
Triskelion - 3 (new entry)

Rules: Swedish Old School rules (i.e. modern but with errata for Chaos Orb)

Printing legality: Standard UK reprint policy, i.e. any non-proxy non-foil card with original art in the original frame is legal. No CE or IE. Revised Serendib Efreet and Plateau are also legal.

Mulligans: Paris Mulligan is not played. Instead, after drawing their initial 7 cards, either player may declare a Gentleman’s Mulligan and show their hand to their opponent. In the event that it contains 0 or 1 mana source, or 6-7 mana sources (i.e. a mana screw or a mana flood), that player can shuffle their deck and draw a fresh 7. There is no limit to the number of Gentleman’s Mulligans that can be declared. (A mana source is any zero-converted-mana-cost card which produces mana - i.e. a land or a Mox, or similar).


  1. Booo! Stop ruining Magic! (switching Sol Ring for a mox I guess...)

    1. They should take Sol Ring off the list, IMHO. It's just such a go-to card for EDH.

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